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Monthly Archives: May, 2015

4 Myths About Hydration That Refuse To Die

Dick Talens

As Derek Zoolander wisely put it, wetness is the essence of life. Whether you like drinking water or not, it accounts for about 60% of your body weight, and plays a pretty darn important role in making sure your body functions normally. But statistics aside, there are a couple of myths about hydration that refuse to die.

Myth One: You Need To Drink Eight Cups A Day

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How to get your boss to love you

Elizabeth Garone
You will probably receive antiquated advice. Don’t protest. (Credit: Alamy)

They may be numerous, but they’re not your boss — yet.

Millennials are now the largest generation in the US workforce. In another decade, they will comprise 75% of the world’s workers. But this generation, also known as Gen Y and born between 1982 and 1992 (give or take a few years, depending on the country), is not yet in charge. For years to come, many will have bosses from an earlier generation, who still remember telephones with cords, the Rolodex and handwritten thank you notes.

Impressing those older bosses and learning from their feedback and guidance is crucial. Here’s what five workplace gurus suggest millennials can do to bridge the intergenerational divide.
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Google finds that security questions aren’t really secure

New Research: Some Tough Questions for ‘Security Questions’

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Changing idiots’ minds

Agree With Idiots To Gain Trust - Dilbert by Scott Adams

Removing reflections from photos taken through windows

MIT researchers have created a new algorithm that, in a broad range of cases, can automatically remove reflections from digital photos. On the left is the original photo taken through a window, with the photographer's reflection clearly visible. On the right, the reflection has been separated from the photo.

New algorithm exploits multiple reflections in individual images to distinguish reflection from transmission.

Larry Hardesty

It’s hard to take a photo through a window without picking up reflections of the objects behind you. To solve that problem, professional photographers sometimes wrap their camera lenses in dark cloths affixed to windows by tape or suction cups. But that’s not a terribly attractive option for a traveler using a point-and-shoot camera to capture the view from a hotel room or a seat in a train.
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