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Why an email is not answered

Robot With No Freedom

Robot With No Freedom - Dilbert by Scott Adams

How to become everyone’s favourite boss

Want to be a great manager? Here’s how to gain respect

Eric Barton

There are plenty of ways to define a good boss. And just what that really means has changed dramatically in the last generation.

In many companies back in the ’80s, a good boss was an authoritarian, an order-giver, and generally the sole source of new ideas. Now, many workers define a leader as a collaborator, with the ability to develop ideas in others and a willingness to recognise that employees have a life outside of work.

How do you become a good boss, as defined by 2016? Here are four steps on your way to becoming everyone’s favourite manager.

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Charging client for thinking

Charging Client For Thinking - Dilbert by Scott Adams

How work is going

How Work Is Going - Dilbert by Scott Adams