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Secrets of the ‘high-potential’ personality

Are there six traits that could really mark out your potential to achieve?

David Robson

فتاة تنظر مبتسمة إلى الكاميرا وهي تلتقط صورة سيلفي مع كلبها

Are you curious, conscientious and competitive? Do you also have the more mysterious qualities of “high adjustment”, “ambiguity acceptance” and “risk approach”? If so, congratulations! According to new psychological research, these six traits constitute a “high potential” personality that will take you far in life. Read more »

Scrum master vs manager

Keeping The Boss Away - Dilbert by Scott Adams

Ignorant manager coaching

Coaching Alice - Dilbert by Scott Adams

How to become everyone’s favourite boss


Want to be a great manager? Here’s how to gain respect

Eric Barton

There are plenty of ways to define a good boss. And just what that really means has changed dramatically in the last generation.

In many companies back in the ’80s, a good boss was an authoritarian, an order-giver, and generally the sole source of new ideas. Now, many workers define a leader as a collaborator, with the ability to develop ideas in others and a willingness to recognise that employees have a life outside of work.

How do you become a good boss, as defined by 2016? Here are four steps on your way to becoming everyone’s favourite manager.

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