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The Search for New Antibiotics

Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake show how annoying and stupid most people use #Hashtag

Concept and Logic Behind Typical Interview Questions

While applying for a job, it is essential that you gear up in all aspects. Interviews are almost like a battle, verbal one in this case. Hence one needs to be prepared for the battlefield from scratch.

First things first, make sure you match the dress code of the place where you applied for a job. Some workplaces do allow casual dressing (or what is known as Friday dressing). But that does not imply that you can walk into your office in a tankini and sarong. Make sure you reach the place on time. A lot depends on this first test of punctuality.

Do not carry your morning drink to your interview. Finish it before you go in. And never ever receive a call during the interview. Your future employers need to know that you will not be disturbed and distracted during work hours. Be extremely attentive to your interviewer.

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Google Fiber vs. Broadband

Privacy Opinions

I'm the Philosopher until someone hands me a burrito.