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Lack of training in new jobs

Training By Osmosis - Dilbert by Scott Adams

Automated data pipeline

"Is the pipeline literally running from your laptop?" "Don't be silly, my laptop disconnects far too often to host a service we rely on. It's running on my phone."

Yelling meaning

Yelling At Tina - Dilbert by Scott Adams

Are you an ‘insecure overachiever’?

Decades of research into elite firms identified a particular type of worker: exceptionally capable and fiercely ambitious, but driven by a profound belief in their own inadequacy.

By Laura Empson

“It feels like a constant need to prove you should be where you are, and a constant concern, before every meeting that I go to… am I going to make an idiot of myself here and are people going to see through a façade and think actually there’s no real substance to this?”
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