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How to Smile Naturally for Photos [Video]


Firefox OS in action [Video]

Firefox OS in action

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Good work isn’t enough

Good work isn’t enough. – Cognition: The blog of web design & development firm Happy Cog.


When I was a young designer, I always asked other people how they got noticed for their work. The answer I most consistently received was “do good work.” Now, when people ask me the same question, I respond with the same answer. Good work always speaks for itself. It’s a self-promoting robot.

If you work in an agency or web department within an organization, let’s shift that perspective from promoting your work to being considered for a promotion. Doing good work is a smaller part of the equation. My experience has demonstrated that most of the great opportunities go to people with magical attitudes. Maintaining a great attitude is far from automatic. It takes real skill to keep it positive.
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