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Roll Your Own With a Google Script

Thorin Klosowski, the newsletter unsubscription service, was just busted selling off more data than most of us thought possible, so it goes without saying that many are dumping the service altogether. Good news though, a Google Script can unsubscribe you from a ton of emails almost just as easily. Read more »

How to Receive Files in your Google Drive Folder from Anyone

A school teacher wants to have a public drop box (not Dropbox) where students can upload homework assignments. A recruiter wants to have an online form where job applicants can upload their resumes. A news organization may need a public drop box where people can upload files anonymously.

Google Forms would have been a perfect solution here but unfortunately you cannot upload files to Google Drive through Forms. Read more »

Auto-Save your Gmail Image Attachments to Google Drive

I have written a little Google Script that will auto-save the image attachments in your Gmail inbox to a special folder in your Google Drive. Once the image files have been moved to Drive, you can switch to the Thumbnail view and visually scan your mailbox.

The other big advantage of saving your Gmail images attachments in Google Drive is that you search for text inside images since Drive supports optical character recognition or OCR.

OCR for Gmail Image Attachments Read more »

How to Password Protect a Document in Google Drive

Password protect google document

Arun SK

With Google Docs merged to Google Drive, a lot of us have cultivated the habit of storing any and every document into Google Drive. After all, its safe, secure and maintained by Google in the cloud.

And like a lot of people I also have a spreadsheet having some of the little sensitive info which I need to access now and then. Something like a bank account number, login ids, social security number etc which I can look-up using the Google Drive app on my phone.

There is a small problem here. Although Google Drive can only be accessed after logging into Google, we are almost always logged into Google in our phones and PCs. That means if somebody gets access to your PC or phone momentarily, he/she can actually take a peek at these… not too good!!!
Read more »

Archive Gmail messages to Google Drive folders

By using this script you can archive Gmail messages to Google Drive including message attachments. First of all create a copy of the following spreadsheet document: Archive Gmail messages to Google Drive

The spreadsheet document should contain a new menu item called “Gmail Archiver”. Click on ”Gmail Archiver” menu and select “Initialize”. Read more »