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The One Thing That Can Supercharge Your Career

Joseph Folkman


A few months ago I was driving with my son-in-law to the airport. This young man had just received an excellent job offer from a premier employer. As we sat in the car he asked me a very difficult question: “After all your years of teaching and coaching people across the world, what is the one thing you would tell someone that would make them more successful in their career?” It would have been much easier to list 10 things, but to focus in on just one suggestion made this a difficult question indeed. After a bit of contemplation I answered, “The ONE piece of advice I would give is this: Become an expert at asking for and acting on feedback from others.”

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Giving Feedback to Your Boss

Giving Feedback to Your Boss — Like a Boss

Let’s face it: Bosses aren’t perfect. And sometimes, they need to know it. Whether your manager’s long, personal-story-filled team meetings are preventing everyone from getting work done or her daily screaming matches are putting your relationships with other departments at risk, sometimes you need to share some constructive feedback with your boss.
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