Enabling GodMode for Windows 10

Just a quick-hit tip here. Those that are familiar with gaming know that there’s almost always a tweak available to find that will enable god-like powers in games. These tweaks give you things like unlimited lives, indestructibility, and infinite powers. In reality, it’s a cheat. But, who hasn’t enjoyed it and used it to learn how to beat the toughest levels of gameplay?

For those Windows 10 testers hungry to have similar god-like powers, Windows 10 has its own GodMode. GodMode for Windows 10 gives you access to 262 new god-like powers. And, while it doesn’t give you unlimited lives or save you from bluescreens, it does expose some additional features and tools to play with.

How to enable it

Enabling GodMode is pretty simple. You simply create a new folder (can be created anywhere, but I suggest putting it on the Windows 10 Desktop so it’s easy to locate), and give the new folder an intricately specific name.

  1. Create a New Folder on the desktop…


  1. Rename the folder to exactly this (copy and paste is best):


Voila! Welcome to GodMode! Have fun with it.

I’ll be digging through these and talking about some of the more unique and valuable ones. Stay tuned.

P.S. While I’ve written this tip is for Windows 10, it also works for other versions of Windows. Try it on the version you are using. Works great for Windows 8.1, which exposes 270 functions.

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