Three Ways to Raise Your Confidence

Several factors can determine someone’s confidence, including genes, environment, and the choices that they make in life. Choices are what we have control over. In the video, you learn that you can boost confidence by:

1. Visualizing your success. Belief is a powerful thing. If you feel doubt, try listening to music with deep bass or doing power poses to fake a little more assuredness and continue to push yourself in spite of doubt.

2. Understanding the “growth” mindset. When you believe that your abilities and skills can grow and get better with extra, diligent practice, you have a “growth” mindset. This matters because this influences how you respond to challenges and setbacks. If you had a “fixed” mindset, you might simply give up.

3. Accepting that you’ll make mistakes. Everyone trips and falls flat on their face. Rarely does anyone “get it right” the first time. It’s far more important that you have the will to get up and try again to keep striving for better and better results.

All of these together means you grow more confident and as a person. Check out the video for more inspiration.

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