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Is this the best time to be productive?

Can’t be bothered on Fridays? Feeling lazy in the summer months? You’re not alone. Here’s why.


By Valentina D’Efilippo (charts) / Bryan Lufkin (text)

The festive season is over. Holiday parties and hangovers are done with for another year. Now, we’re back at work and ready to grab 2018 by the horns. So, as we plan for the year ahead, is there a time in our calendars when can we maximise our output in the office?

Turns out, there might be.
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Boss interest and performance

Acting Interested In Dilbert - Dilbert by Scott Adams

10 Daily Productivity Tips

Timex Group President, Adam Gurian Shares 10 Daily Productivity Tips for CEO’s


Time is our most precious commodity.  We are all challenged to do more in a shorter amount of time. However, you can take steps to increase productivity which will help you and your management team make the best use of your days.

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7 Qualities of Uber-Productive People

7 Qualities of Uber-Productive People | Inc.com

They work hard, and they work smart. But highly productive people also tend to think about their work differently from everyone else.

Highly Productive Traveler


Some people get more done than others–a lot more.

Sure, they work hard. And they work smart. But they possess other qualities that make a major impact on their performance.

They do the work in spite of disapproval or ridicule.
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Ten ways to increase employee productivity

Ten ways to increase employee productivity

With winter malaise in full swing and the holidays a distant memory, this time of year can kill productivity. To help you and your employees get through the February slump, here’s a couple tips for that have worked wonders for us:
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