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Mystery of Prince Rupert’s Drop

Red Hot Nickel Ball Immersion Into Honey – YouTube

Sweden rows with Google over term ‘ungoogleable’

Sweden embroiled in dispute with Google over term 'ungoogleable'


The Swedish Language Council unveil its annual list of new Swedish words in December. Among them was a term Swedes began using in 2012 – “ogooglebar” – or “ungoogleable”. The list is compiled of words that are not in the Swedish dictionary but have entered common parlance.

“Ogooglebar” is defined by the council as something “that cannot be found on the Web with a search engine”.

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How You Can Benefit from All Your Stress

by Heidi Grant Halvorson

You are stressed — by your deadlines, your responsibilities, your ever-increasing workload, and your life in general. If you are like me, you even stress about how much stress you’re feeling — worrying that it is interfering with your performance and possibly taking years off of your life.

This might sound a little crazy, but what if it’s the very fact that we assume stress is bad that’s actually making it so bad for us? And what if there were another way to think about stress — a way that might actually make it a force for good in our lives? Well there is, according to new research from Yale’s Alia Crum and Peter Salovey, and Shawn Achor, author of The Happiness Advantage.

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What to Do When You Loathe Your Job

It’s sad, but true: Sometimes after months or even years, we become disenchanted with our work. We drag our feet on the way to the office, and count down the seconds until we can be free of it at the end of the day.

Hating your job can cause undue stress and make your work environment miserable—not just for you, but also for those you work with. Here’s some advice from experts on how to make the situation bearable when an immediate change isn’t an option.

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