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How to Praise Your Kids the Right Way Without Spoiling Them in the Process


How to Praise Your Kids the Right Way Without Ending Up Spoiling Them(This article is part of our series on Mindset.)

You’re a good parent. You want to help your kids grow up to be happy and successful. So, when you notice them doing something right, you jump in with praise and encouragement.

“Good job!”

“That’s brilliant!”

“You’re awesome! Way to go!”

But is all that praise and encouragement doing what it’s supposed to? Is it sending the right message?

Turns out the answer is, yes and no.

You’ve got the first part right – as parents we are our children’s first and foremost cheerleaders. Our children need to hear encouragement from us to go on to have a healthy level of self-confidence and eventually a healthy self-esteem.

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