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Littering Says a Lot About You (a Smart Ad Campaign from Toronto)

Littering Livegreen Toronto 1

Benjamin Starr

Every city’s got it, but some are worse than others: Toronto Canada is trying to clean up their litter problem using this smart new campaign from LiveGreen Toronto. Rather than run of the mill “don’t litter” signs, this series calls out the people who throw down cans and wrappers, using the packaging itself to get the message across. With the tag line “Littering says a lot about you,” the branding on each well known piece of garbage spells out insults aimed at litterbugs.

The campaigns pointed message is similar to New South Wales “Hey Tosser” ads (where ‘tosser’ is basically slang for ‘low-life’), but in this case the message has been given a far more memorable treatment.

Toronto’s been in the news a lot recently (mostly for its notorious mayor) and this is the second provocative local ad campaign we’ve spotted (the first was asking for anyone but that mayor). Read more »