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Scientists Find Stronger 3-D Material that Behaves Like Graphene

The next revolution in electronics industry may begin earlier than expected. Despite that the Graphene is a great material, begin a 2D material makes it difficult to be used in industry, so having cadmium arsenide may overcome this obstacle and we might see them sooner than expected.

This illustration depicts fast-moving, massless electrons inside the material.

By Glennda Chui

Scientists have discovered a material that has the same extraordinary electronic properties as 2-D graphene, but in a sturdy 3-D form that should be much easier to shape into electronic devices such as very fast transistors, sensors and transparent electrodes.

The material, cadmium arsenide, is being explored independently by three groups, one of which includes researchers at the University of Oxford, SLAC, Stanford and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory who described their results in a paper published May 25 in Nature Materials.
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