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Insults at work

Dogbert's Insult Consulting - Dilbert by Scott Adams

The problem with being a long-term expat

People on long-term foreign assignments often find it hard to adjust once they return home. Many leave their company within a few years, and some leave the country entirely.

By Kate Mayberry

(Credit: Getty Images)

After 15 years, and a life on the road that took her to Japan, Singapore and Australia, Helen Maffini felt it was time to return home to Canada. But, it took just a fraction of that time for her to realise she had made a mistake.

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Finishing early

Delegating - Dilbert by Scott Adams

Cubicle vs Openspace

Cublices Or Open Office Plan - Dilbert by Scott Adams

Working from home may actually hurt your career

You could be passed over for prize assignments (Credit: Getty Images)Eric Barton

When Ian Wright started working from his home in London last November, he thought he had the ideal setup.

He could spend time with his two-month-old baby while he worked for his brand-new company, British Business Energy, which helps companies compare rates for electric and gas suppliers. From a two-bedroom home in the borough of Greenwich, he set up at his dining room table with big plans to master being an at-home dad and business owner.

None of it worked. “There was a moment right at the start where hopes and dreams end and reality sets in,” Wright says. “I quickly came to the conclusion that it just wasn’t working.”

You scratch your head and wonder, where did all the time go?

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