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You snooze you lose

Google Translate Sings: “All I Want for Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey

Why computer translation sucks

Chimps Would Cook if Given the Chance, Research Says

Chimpanzees have the cognitive ability to cook, according to new research, if only someone would give them ovens.

It’s not that the animals are ready to go head-to-head with Gordon Ramsay, but scientists from Harvard and Yale found that chimps have the patience and foresight to resist eating raw food and to place it in a device meant to appear, at least to the chimps, to cook it. Read more »

Mathematician develops equation for ‘hipster paradox’

Nicole Einbinder

French mathematician Jonathan Touboul has created an equation that analyzes the ‘hipster’ phenomenon, claiming that in actuality all hipsters – known for their funky fashion sense – appear to look the same. Read more »