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How do I know if I’m mansplaining?

Is it really so hard to tell the difference between condescending or simply explaining-while-male?

Here’s a simple chart to help you decide:

Why performance clause counts

Negotiating Expert - Dilbert by Scott Adams

One variable world

A One Variable World - Dilbert by Scott Adams

Science of persuasion – Ethical, cost less and effective measures

Why Scrum Is No Longer My First Choice

By: Paul Burgess

I’ve been using Scrum for 4 to 5 years now and it’s great. I have delivered quality software with Scrum, and had delighted customers. It almost always led to a better product than Waterfall allowed me to deliver, at least in the same time frame. When I started it was fairly uncommon, and hard to convince customers that it was a good idea. Now it’s commonplace and most customers expect it. So it obviously works, and it has gained a good following.

Scrum allowed me to deliver software following agile principles, which allows the software to evolve to meet the clients changing requirements as they see and explore the product. It was a great leap forward. But things could be better, and new methodologies have been adopted by various companies. Kanban is one of these. I have gradually begun to prefer using Kanban over Scrum, and in this article I’ll explain where I think Kanban solves the various issues I experience with Scrum.
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