Working moms have more successful daughters and more caring sons

By: Gabriel Fisher

The guilt many working mothers confess to may be real, but it’s looking less and less warranted.

According to a working paper (pdf) published June 19 by the Harvard Business School, daughters of working mothers are more likely to be employed, hold supervisory positions, and earn more money than the daughters of women who don’t work outside the home. The researchers also found a statistically significant effect on the sons of working women, who are likely to spend more time caring for family members and doing household chores than are the sons of stay-at-home mothers. Read more »

How to Survive Your Company Holiday Party: 5 Do’s and Don’ts for Professionals


By: Jennifer Scott

Company holiday parties: most people either love them or hate them. Whether you find your annual company holiday party a total blast or a total drag, these events can either be a joyous occasion for celebrating with your co-workers or a total disaster. Here’s how to survive the company holiday get-together. Read more »